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The NHLA Inspector Training School provides the hardwood lumber industry with catered educational opportunities year round. Our upcoming course schedule offers a diverse range of opportunities tailored to meet the evolving demands of the hardwood industry. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to expand your knowledge or a beginner eager to embark on a rewarding career path, our courses provide the perfect platform for growth. Explore the schedule below and seize the chance to advance your skills and launch a career with endless growth opportunities in a thriving industry.

In-Person Inspector Training School Program

Inspector Training School Class 204

Begins September 25, 2023 in Memphis, TN

Hybrid Online Inspector Training School Program

Online Inspector Training School Module 1

Begins August 21, 2023 in Memphis, TN

Online Inspector Training School Module 1

Beings November 27, 2023 in Memphis, TN

Need Assistance Applying for the Inspector Training School?

Our staff is here to help you make the decision on what learning path works best for you and your schedule. Please give us a call at 901-377-1818, or reach out to our Inspector Training School staff members.

Get in Touch with NHLA Inspector Training School Staff

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Roman Matyushchenko

Associate Dean of the ITS/Instructor

Upcoming Hardwood Grading Courses Geoff Headshot 2
Geoff Webb

Dean of NHLA Inspector Training School