Short Courses

NHLA provides a variety of educational opportunities. We offer technical short courses on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

• Basic Lumber Grading
• Advanced Lumber Grading
• Bi-Lingual Lumber Grading
• Basic Lumber Drying

• Advanced Lumber Drying
• Sawing, Edging and Trimming
• Log Scaling and Log Grading
• Yield Analysis




NHLA has a team of National Inspectors who provide training, resources and mentoring to support NHLA members in the United States, Canada and around the world.

They are here to help with all your educational needs:
• Grading Accuracy
• Personalized Company Training
• Quality Control
• Value Added
• Lumber Upgrades and more.

Contact Barry Kibbey at 814-566-2023 or your local Inspection Team Member to schedule in-house training or a personalized company visit.

The list of short courses below are NHLA affiliated courses hosted by other organizations. To register for these courses click the links provided. For all other NHLA short courses click HERE to register online.                                        


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