Hardwood Benefits

Sustainable Solutions for Business & Housing

North American Hardwoods offer a great variety of colors and grains; from the warm, darker tones of walnut, red alder, elm, cherry, and red oak to the lighter hues of white oak, maple, and ash. They also offer a sustainable solution for fine furniture, cabinets, flooring, doors, moulding, millwork, and more.


Management Practices

The hardwood forests in North America are managed under the intensive application of Best Management Practices (BMP). As a result, the forests support a vibrant healthy stand of timber, a large and diverse wildlife population, clean rivers and streams, and a host of recreational activities.

*All stats provided come from reputable non-industry sources.

How Are North American Hardwoods Sustainable?

The United States and Canada have more temperate hardwood species than any other country, and their accomplishments in ensuring the long-term viability of their hardwood forests are unmatched by the rest of the world. The hardwood forests of North America support robust and healthy standing timber, as well as a vast and diverse wildlife population, clean rivers and streams, and a myriad of recreational activities.

Improved forest management and state and federal laws, along with industry and public willingness to maintain forests, have resulted in a spectacular recovery and rejuvenation of the American hardwood supply.

The world’s greatest producer of sawn hardwood is the hardwood sawmilling and processing industry, which is reliant on North American forests. The United States and Canada have worked hard to sustain our forests through smart forest management. As a result, both countries grow more hardwood each year than it harvests, providing reliable and long-term supply.

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*Information courtesy of AHEC

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