From the Inspector Training School where a career in the hardwood industry takes root to technical short courses to on-site company training; NHLA has the expertise to further your knowledge and your career.

Our mission is to “maintain order, structure and ethics in the changing global hardwood marketplace” and we fulfill this mission through numerous activities:

We provide training around the country with technical short courses. We offer an Inspector Training School certificate for Lumber Grading. We provide custom in-house company training to evaluate and teach best practices. We answer lumber grading rules questions and publish print and online resources on the latest trends and market news. We provide avenues for discussion and interactive educational sessions at the NHLA annual convention. We teach the basics of lumber grading around the world by a partnership with the American Hardwood Export Council.

Members of NHLA can turn to us for all their educational needs because we know that “Strong Roots” do indeed, lead to a “Global Reach.”

Alumni Spotlight

Where are they now? 

The Inspection Training School has affected the lives of alumni in a number of different ways. 

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