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October 4, 2023
October 6, 2023
Louisville, KY

Sponsor the 2023 NHLA Convention

Stand Out Among the Crowd!

Over the course of three days, the NHLA Annual Convention provides an abundance of opportunities for you to increase awareness of your brand, products, and/or services. Whether you are looking to co-sponsor one of our programmed events, provide breakfast for attendees, sponsor an official cocktail party, or provide a unique gift in the registration bag, we have you covered.

As always, we will consider creative ideas that fit your budget. Lock in your NHLA Convention sponsorship early so you can reap the benefits of months of pre-event promotion, such as logo inclusion in marketing emails, social posts, and more

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“The convention provides a place where hundreds of like-minded people can talk shop and learn things from each other. It’s a wonderful place to share and gather information. Not to mention all the exhibitors at the show! Just being able to talk to people is opportunity that doesn’t happen very often. We’re all busy, but it’s wonderful that many of us take the time to go to those conventions and interact with our customers and our competitors. I think you actually learn a lot at the conventions as well, in my opinion.”

Bucky Pescaglia, President

MO PAC Lumber Company


Sponsorships are critical to providing a valuable convention experience and to support the work of the Association throughout the year. Thank you to this year’s Convention Sponsors.

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Premier Sponsor

Pinnacle Level


Alder Level

Cascade Hardwood, LLC

Walnut Level

UCS Forest Group of Companies

Cherry Level

  • The AGL Group
  • Baillie Lumber, Co.
  • BID Group Technologies LTD
  • Breeze Dried, Inc.
  • Cole Hardwood, Inc.
  • Continental Underwriters, Inc.
  • DMSi Software
  • Forestry Systems, Inc.
  • King City Forwarding USA, Inc.
  • Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance, Co.
  • SII Dry Kilns
  • USNR
  • TMX Shipping Co., Inc.

Maple Level

  • Granite Valley Forest Products – Welter
  • Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc.
  • Kuehne + Nagel
  • Matson Lumber Co.
  • MO PAC Lumber Co.
  • Nyle Dry Kilns

Birch Level

  • Ressources Lumber

Red Oak Level

  • A. W. Stiles Contractors
  • AHC Hardwood Group
  • Adentra Companies
  • Alan McIlvain Co.
  • American Wood Technology
  • Brenneman Lumber Co.
  • Cersosimo
  • Deer Park Lumber
  • Delta ERC
  • Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc.
  • East Ohio Hardwood Lumber Co.
  • EFM Transportation
  • Equipment Depot
  • Falcon Lumber
  • Frank Miller Lumber Co.
  • Froedge Machine & Supply Co., LLC
  • Hardwood Industries, Inc.
  • Hartzell Hardwoods, Inc.
  • Hermitage Hardwood Lumber
  • The Horton Group
  • Industrial Vision Systems
  • JoeScan
  • Kitterell Appraisals
  • Legacy Wood Products
  • Logs2Lumber2You
  • McRae Lumber Company
  • Machinage Piche
  • Penn-Sylvan International, Inc
  • Pike Lumber Company, Inc.
  • Railway Tie Association
  • Robinson Lumber Company
  • Swaner Hardwoods Co. Inc.
  • UC Coatings
  • Wood-Mizer
  • Yoder Lumber

ITSEF Golf Sponsors

  • Abenaki Timber Corp.
  • Alan McIlvain Co.
  • Allegheny Wood Products
  • Baillie Lumber, Co.
  • Brenneman Lumber
  • Brewco Inc.
  • Classic American Hardwoods
  • Cole Hardwood
  • Forestry Systems, Inc.
  • Hardwood Market Report
  • Hartzell Hardwoods, Inc.
  • IDI Indiana Dimension
  • Kitterell Appraisals
  • Kitterall Sawmill Brokers
  • McRae Lumber Co.
  • Messersmith Manufacturing Inc.
  • MO PAC Lumber Co.
  • Penn-Sylvan International, Inc.
  • Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance, Co.

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John Hester

Chief Development Officer

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Vicky Simms

Membership Development Manager


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