NHLA Rules App Launch:Streamlining Hardwood Lumber Grading on Your Smartphone

March 2, 2024
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NHLA has moved into a new era of modernization with the first-ever release of the NHLA Hardwood Lumber Grading Rules on a smartphone app. This app has many different features, with more features coming soon.

A feature I am particularly excited about is the Cuttings Calculator. The calculator is not only for whole numbers and fractions computations but also has a feature that allows the user to add multiple Cuttings on the board and list them for reference while grading, with a running total of Cutting Units. This list of Cuttings also allows for removing a Cutting and recalculates the total Cutting Units.

You can access the Cuttings Calculator in a few ways: click on the cut-ting calculator listed in the table of contents or go to settings and change the “Launch Page” to open the calculator when opening the app.
After navigating to the calculator, it is as simple as clicking on a whole number on the left, a numerator on the top right, and a denominator on the bottom right. After entering the first whole number and fraction:

• Click on any mathematical symbol (+ – x ÷) in the bottom left.
• Repeat the whole number and fraction entry.
• Click on the equals sign (=) in the bottom right corner.

The total for that equation will show in the window at the top right corner.

To add a Cutting to the list, click the “Add Cut” button in the bottom center of the calculator. The Cutting then moves to the top left-hand side of the calculator. Each Cutting added to the list will have a running total of Cutting Units.

If a Cutting needs to be replaced/removed, click on the Cutting in the list, and you will be prompted to “Cancel” or “OK” to remove the Cutting, and the total will be updated. If all Cuttings need to be removed, click the “CCuts” button in the top left.  

If you make a mistake while typing in a number, there are back arrows under each series of numbers to remove and replace with the corrected number. To clear and return to 0, click “C” in the upper left area.
The NHLA Inspector Training School adopted the use of the Cut-tings Calculator a few years ago due to the time spent teaching fractions; it has also helped speed up Board Runs.

As you might expect, the entire NHLA Rules Book is in the app. The “Table of Contents” page allows the user to click on any of the listings, and it will jump to that page. A Menu pop-out provides access to the “Table of Contents” and the “Settings.”

In “Settings,” the “Font Size,” “Side Spacing,” and “Launch Page” can all be set.

We do plan on updating the NHLA Rules app to include additional languages. We hope you enjoy utilizing the new NHLA Rules app’s unique features.

Download the NHLA Rules App for Android
Download the NHLA Rules App for Apple Devices

By DANA SPESSERT, Chief Inspector
Please contact Chief Inspector Dana Spessert at d.spessert@nhla.com with any questions.



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