NHLA Offers Key Support and Monitoring Tools for Enhanced Efficiency and Quality

May 2, 2024
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Most industries have moved towards optimization technology and the hardwood industry is no exception. Over the past 40 years most of the hardwood industry has adopted many new technologies to help improve efficiency and quality in one form or another. I believe this is a positive move as long as things are kept up to date and monitored.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping all these new processes in check by monitoring the results of the manufacturing of products from this new technology. There are several ways to keep things in check and NHLA is here to help in any way we can.

One way we can help is by providing training for employees who monitor the grades that are either produced by the mill or consumed by the manufacturer.

Another way we can assist is by joining the NHLA Quality Control program, which monitors many different areas of the production process to ensure that high production rates produce a profitable product utilizing as few raw materials as possible.

NHLA’s Inspection Services team actively monitors company inspectors to oversee the accuracy of grades and the types of defects they see in the lumber. During an inspection, the NHLA National Inspector can identify certain defects caused by different processes that affect the grade and recovery.

Additionally, NHLA National Inspectors can perform tests on the following processes in the production of lumber:

• Debarker
• Dip Tank
• Edger and Trimmer
• Kiln Operation
• Log Scale
• Lumber Thicknesses
• Minimum Opening Face
• Package Appearance
• Pallet Cants
• Ripsaw
• Yard Packaging
• Yield Analysis

We can also custom design testing of other areas at your operation as necessary.
If you are interested in speaking with someone about monitoring your processes, please feel free to contact me at d.spessert@nhla.com or 901-399-7551 for more information.



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