Embrace the Benefits of Your NHLA Membership

May 2, 2024
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The idea of accepting the status quo and embracing complacency is utterly unacceptable in any business. Constant review and questioning of all aspects of your business should be at the top of your mind regularly. Utilizing every investment made in your business and verifying that it is being utilized to the maximum and most efficient potential is a healthy goal. Take the same time to review your costs as you take to discuss your sales average. With this focus in mind, I challenge you to make sure all stones have been turned over and reviewed.

Association memberships and their value for your company should be no different and critically reviewed. Your NHLA membership should be no exception.

“The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo.” – Bob Iger

I imagine some of you may think this is a bold move on my behalf, encouraging you all to review your membership with the NHLA and the value associated with it! I have no pause while writing this. I do not doubt the value proposition of NHLA membership and your company! As long as you use and take advantage of your membership as designed!  

There may be member benefits that you are investing in annually that you don’t know about! Tangible benefits that could return dividends to your bottom line every single month! The following are a few benefits off the top of my head.

• YIELD ANALYSIS — The purpose of these services is to enhance operations, reduce costs, and help you squeeze as much profit as possible from every single log while reducing waste.
• QUALITY CONTROL — Once yield analysis is completed, finer-tune quality control can help maximize profit and safety.
• CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS — Only the NHLA offers hardwood-specific certification programs to improve profitability, differentiate your company from the competition, and attract customers.
• IN-HOUSE GRADING EDUCATION — Custom training and education are done with your lumber and equipment, at your pace, and with your goals in mind.

Less direct and tangible, but no less important, some of your membership investment goes towards the Hardwood Federation and to the Real American Hardwood Federation. 

The Federation represents our industry in Washington, DC, and has our back. While we are busy working to earn a living, the Hardwood Federation is serving our best interests in political policy. Likewise, the RAHC maximizes every dollar donated to build our hardwood industry brand, rallying against the inaccurate environmental claims of substitute products such as ceramics, vinyl, and laminate.

Finally, your NHLA membership supports the biggest networking opportunity of the year: the NHLA Annual Convention and Exhibit Showcase. This is the premier opportunity for you to meet old customers, strengthen those relationships, and meet new customers that you might only have met with your membership in NHLA.

Most of these benefits require that you change something and try something new. Engage in your investment! You are a member of the NHLA; utilize the benefits! Call and schedule your yield analysis or your plant certification today!

Do it now, or, as Warren Miller said, “If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.” Might I also add that you will miss out on the profit you might have had every moment you wait! Plus, you are annually investing in the NHLA; make your investment worthwhile.

“Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’”– Ronald Reagan

Please don’t disappoint Rawhide. Don’t accept the status quo. Call the NHLA. Leverage your annual investment/membership into real, measurable profit and change for your company.
Win one for the Gipper!

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Membership in the NHLA is paramount to the success of our industry. Together, our voices will be heard.

Jon Syre
NHLA Chairman | Cascade Hardwood



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