A New Year - A New Resolution

January 9, 2024

There is a drinking game, or so I’ve been told, called “Never have I ever.” A player says “never have I ever” and then they make a statement about something they have never done. If any of the other players HAVE done what was stated, they have to take a drink. Ready to play?

Never have I ever made a New Year’s Resolution! Ok, that’s not 100% true. We’ve ALL made New Year’s “Resolutions” but did we really? A true resolution is a commitment to achieving a specific goal. So, with that in mind, working backwards, you have to have a goal, you have to be committed to achieving that goal and you have to have the resolve to see it through.

NHLA and its Market Impacts Committee have done just that, and you will see the fruits of our Resolution throughout 2024.

1. SET THE GOAL: Our first step was to set the goal – a commitment to producing a series of videos that dive deep into the realms of Forest Management, Science, Economic Impact, and the “happiness impact” of hardwood. We weren’t content with just preaching to the choir. We aimed to influence those who shape the landscapes of our living spaces.

Dr. Sally Augustine, PhD, an environmental/design psychologist, led the charge, unraveling the secrets of biophilic design.

2. COMMITMENT TO ACHIEVING THE GOAL: To make this resolution a reality, we sought out experts from fields beyond our usual circles. Scientists, academics, and architects – voices with no strings attached to the hardwood industry. We weren’t just looking for information. We were committed to bringing a fresh perspective, free from any bias. These individuals, committed to our cause, were ready to share their knowledge and insights.

3. THE RESOLVE TO SEE IT THROUGH: And now, as December unfolds, we’ve pulled the trigger on the first video. Dr. Sally Augustine, PhD, an environmental/design psychologist, led the charge, unraveling the secrets of biophilic design. It’s not just about hardwood. It’s about creating spaces that resonate with life, nature, and well-being.

As we head into the New Year, these videos are not just about showcasing the hardwood industry. They’re about inspiring a resolu-tion. A resolution for architects, designers, and specifiers to rethink the way they approach their projects. A resolution for all of us to embrace hardwood in a way that goes beyond tradition.

So, here’s to a new year and a new resolution. Together we will build a future where hardwood isn’t just a choice. It’s a commitment to a better way of living and designing.

John Hester
NHLA Chief Development Officer
j.hester@nhla.com | 901-399-7558




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