NHLA Inspector Training School Class 66 (Click to Enlarge & Download)

NHLA Inspector Training School Alumni

Class 66
Graduation Date: September 29, 1978
FIRST ROW: (Kneeling L to R) D. Pare, H. Idiaquez, M. Khan, A. Cover. SECOND ROW: (Seated L to R) T. Perkins, C. Spink, B. Hutson, A. Edwards, R. Bolton (Director), L. Kretzer (Instructor), G. VanSleet, J. Green, J. Gardner. THIRD ROW: (L to R) G. Young, B. Kidwell, D. Byrd, T. McCord, C. Hamm, L. Hillier, A. McCarty. FOURTH ROW: (L to R) C. Witherall, S. Allen, M. Duhamel, H. Killian, H. Kersten, A. Bricko, G. Bailey, M. McLeason. FIFTH ROW: (L to R) H. Bate:), T. Carter, B. Huffman, K. Richards, J. Scott, C. Putnam, M. Davis, D. Kralicek, B. Abets. SIXTH ROW: (L to R) B. Walt, M. Strohm, S. Brown, T, White, B. Kineer, P. Nichol, D. Mullins, J. Rindt, E. Johnson.