NHLA Inspector Training School Class 50 (Click to Enlarge & Download)

NHLA Inspector Training School Alumni

Class 50
Graduation Date: December 15, 1972
FRONT ROW (Kneeling L to R) Kerr, Christopher, Hickingbottom, Hunum, SECOND ROW: Alsip, Arnold Miller, R. Manas, Ward, Mr. Otis Goolsby (Director), McCoy, Whitfield, Presson, McLain. THIRD ROW: Booker, Moore, Burke, Burnett, Wilbourne, Hollifield, E. Smith, Gardner, Roberts, Humphreys, Graves, Anglin, Cornelius, FOURTH ROW: Howard, Nelson, Lowery, Forrester, Michie, B. Smith, McGuire, Kitchens, Hedrick, Burkholder. FIFTH ROW: Traplin, Robards, S. Manas, Lopez, Mulholland, Swift, Harter, Gilligan, Barnes. NOT PICTURED: Gillispie, Hill, Hughes.