NHLA Inspector Training School Class 25 (Click to Enlarge & Download)

NHLA Inspector Training School Alumni

Class 25
Graduation Date: July 14, 1960
FRONT ROW (L to R) Gene Brewster, Henry Allen, Don Sechrist, Hector Landry, Robert Welder, James Genis, Joe Barton, Joe Helverson. SECOND ROW: Perry Windle, Ronald Byrnes, Gary Wallace, Daniel Carriere, O. H. Goolsby (Director), William Nelson, William Cooke, Homer Burchfield, Leroy Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Raymond Fontaine, Jerry Hunter, Paul Martin, Walter Fulton, Larry Garner, Edwin Wall, Maurice Borger, Bruce Spriggle, William Resnick, Charles Dalhoe, Larry Daane, Francis Pace. FOURTH ROW: William Surmmerlin, William Baker, Robert Bannish, Keith Gutchess, Boyd Carr, Bobby Joe Roberts, Benny Franks, Dan Martineau, James White, Robert Shadle, Ronald Donla FIFTH ROW: Fred Woods, John Beede, Robert Graves, Richard Morris, W. O. Wall, Arthur Baird, John Sheriff, Wendell Curry, Frank Malinski, Charles Winchester, James Perkins.