NHLA Inspector Training School Class 19 (Click to Enlarge & Download)

NHLA Inspector Training School Alumni

Class 19
Graduation Date: July 13, 1957
“FRONT ROW: (L to R) Marquez, Simmons, McCay, Sinquefield, Archer, Arnold, Martindale, Potter SECOND ROW: Bailey, Ramos, Burns, Peters, Rupard, Powley, Mayfield, B Wright, Storie, Mr. Sell THIRD ROW: Salmons, Kays, Mahoney, Frantz, Walker, Campbell, Foran, S Wright FOURTH ROW: Schafer, Seltzer, Harris, Lumsden, Morris, Schnabel, Kirby FIFTH ROW: Peters, Stanley, Kellett, Wyman, Daniels, Willis, Lewis, Goodin, Dewitt, Graves”