Inspection Services

NHLA is an exclusive provider of unique services to the hardwood industry. NHLA employs a full time staff of highly skilled lumber inspectors in the United States and Canada. The National Inspectors are overseen by the NHLA Chief Inspector who is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The main objective of the Chief and his staff is to maintain order, structure and ethics in the hardwood marketplace.

  • National Inspectors provide training in the application of the rules for the measurement and inspection of hardwood lumber & cypress.
  • National Inspectors inspect lumber for both buyer and seller, to determine grade for validation purposes.
  • National Inspectors serve as impartial experts to help resolve grade disputes.
  • National Inspectors administrate the NHLA Facility Grade Certification Program

If you have questions regarding the NHLA lumber grading rules, need to schedule training or request inspection services help please contact Chief Inspector, Dana Spessert at 901-399-7551 or by email at