Quality Control Inspections

The complexity of today’s global markets requires new tools to reduce costs and increase profitability for sawmill owners. To meet that demand, NHLA is proud to announce the launch of Yield Analysis and Quality Control Services.

These services enhance operations, reduce costs, and help you squeeze as much profit from every single log while reducing waste.

The first step is to conduct a Production Yield Analysis audit.

Once production issues are identified, NHLA will identify and instruct personnel on the necessary steps to correct the issues and perform follow-up Quality Control Inspections, which can be performed on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure the profits continue to move in the right direction. Checkups include customized education designed exclusively for your sawmill and employees.

Items Individually Checked for Quality Control

  • Debarker Testing
  • Dip Tank Testing
  • Edger and Trimmer Testing
  • Edger Optimization
  • Green & Kiln-Dried Lumber Inspection
  • Dry Kiln Testing
  • Lumber Size Control (LSC)
  • Log Scale
  • Minimum Opening Face
  • Lumber Package Tests
  • Pallet Cant
  • Rip Saw Test
  • Yard Packaging for Air-Dried Lumber
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