125th Anniversary celebration

In 2023, NHLA will celebrate 125 Years of Foundational Support and Service to the Hardwood Lumber Industry, and we are throwing a big party to celebrate!  

All are invited to join the 125th Anniversary celebration of the National Hardwood Lumber Association!

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

10 am – 2 pm

Official Program and Rededication Ceremony:  11 am –  12 pm

The celebration will feature tours of the NHLA facilities, with docents speaking about the building of the Association in Memphis. Refreshments to follow Ceremony.

Festivities are being held at NHLA Headquarters (6830 Raleigh LaGrange Road, Memphis, TN 38134.

Please RSVP to 125years@nhla.com or get in touch with Renee Hornsby at 901-399-7560. 


NHLA 125th Anniversary Challenge

We invite you to celebrate our 125th anniversary all year long by participating in our 125 Challenge. 

The 125 Challenge is designed to get you involved! Earn points through our fun activities, and receive exclusive NHLA commemorative prizes that will have everyone asking, “how do I get that?”


Below is a list of activities and points associated with each activity. Some activities are part of your normal routine, such as registering for the NHLA Annual Convention. Other activities will stretch your involvement, such as speaking to a class about the hardwood industry or taking a video of your company in action.

Prizes will be rewarded by earning 50 points, 100 points, and 125 points.

NHLA 125th Anniversary Challenge

How to Earn Points


Prizes will be rewarded at three milestones:

  • 50 points – 125th NHLA Anniversary Stationary Set
  • 100 points – Custom NHLA Beanie
  • 125 points – Etched NHLA Tumbler

Complete and submit the Activity Form at the bottom of this page at each milestone to receive your gift, or wait until you hit 125 points, and we will send them all once, your choice. 

Please send the completed Activity Form to NHLA via one of the methods below.

Mail: PO Box 34518, Memphis, TN38184

Email: info@nhla.com

Fax: 901-382-6419


  • Activities must be completed in 2023.
  • Activities must be completed by September 30, 2023, to be entered in the convention drawing.
  • New activities will be added throughout the year.

(†) NHLA Social media tags are:

*Referrals for Membership should be sent to John Hester by email at j.hester@nhla.com or by phone at 901-399-7558. To qualify as a referral, you must supply the company name, address, phone, person to contact, and email if applicable.

**Referrals for Students to the Inspector Training School should be sent to info@nhla.com. To qualify as a referral, you must supply the student’s name, address, phone, and email if applicable.

Need Help?

Please contact Amanda Boutwell via email at a.boutwell@nhla.com or call 901-399-7559.

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