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Lumber Inspector

Hartzell Hardwoods
Kirkville, Missouri
Position Description

Basic Function: Inspects incoming and outgoing lumber according to NHLA rules at the assigned grading deck. The grading deck sits on the Lumber Handling Machine.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Reports to Lumber Operations Supervisor and receives written and/or verbal orders/specifications. It is the Lumber Inspector/Trainee’s responsibility to maintain the highest standards of grading when receiving or shipping lumber.
Climbs stairs onto grading platform. Visually inspects lumber according to specie, grade and dimension. Uses NHLA lumber grading rules to inspect lumber while sitting on an automated grading deck.
This position operates and controls the Lumber Handling Machine from the grading deck platform. The employee must be aware of the manufacturing process and the safety hazards related to the machine’s operations.
The Lumber Trainee will grade offline, or with an experienced grader until they are qualified to grade at the accuracy and speed determined by Hartzell standards.
Must be able to operate a grade console and board turner.
May be required to do their own sorting setups before starting another run per sorting specifications. (e.g., vendors, kilns, etc).
Corrects any skews and situations that stop the lumber line from running. This may require getting off the grading deck and correcting the problem within their area.
All inspectors may be required to switch off with another lumber inspector. Lumber inspectors are required to work in another assigned position when they are not grading lumber.
Grades and tallies lumber at certain work stations to obtain surface measure and grade of the boards. Single boards are measured and tallied by making a dot on the tally sheet under correct column. Reports tallies to Team Leader or Supervisor who reports to the Lumber Office.
Determines total board footage by adding and multiplying tally columns
During down times, other functions will be required. (e.g. clean-up, maintenance, stacking, etc.)
Follows all safety practices.

Skills & Experience Required

Previous experience in grading walnut lumber along with other hardwoods species is desired
NHLA schooling is preferred but not mandatory.
Long periods of sitting on grading deck. Occasionally turns boards weighing between 5 lbs. to over 60 lbs. using lumber grading rulers.
Familiar with lumber grading rules, calculator, tally book, pencil, lumber crayon stick, grad console and board turner is plus

Salary & Benefits

$24/hr +

How To Apply

Please send all resumes, applications, and questions to Brian Wombold at

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