Lumber Grader

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Lumber Grader

Dwight Lewis Lumber Co.
Hillsgrove, PA
Position Description

Dwight Lewis Lumber Co. is seeking to hire an experienced green and kiln-dried lumber grader for initial inspection in the mill process and for kiln-dried lumber going into final packaging. The selected candidate will have the ability to work in both areas.

Skills & Experience Required

Experience with green and kiln-dried lumber grading.

Salary & Benefits

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 AM- 4:30 PM. (45 Hours)

Competitive Salary, Health Insurance, 401K with employer contribution, PTO

How To Apply

Dwight Lewis Lumber Co.
1895 Route 87
Hillsgrove, PA 18619
Phone: 570-924-3507
Email Resumes:

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