Industry Services

Experience: Specialized Services That Support the Hardwood Industry

Setting & Strengthening Standards For Than 115 Years!

HOW DOES NHLA SET THE STANDARD? The NHLA hardwood lumber grading rules provide a common language for trade on both a domestic and global platform. The Rules are monitored and evaluated through a strict formalized program that involves a specialized committee, input from the industry and a voting process by the NHLA membership. This self-regulatory system, overseen by NHLA, allows for the industry to conduct business free of government oversight.

TO STRENGTHEN THE STANDARDS, NHLA employs a full time staff of highly skilled National Inspectors with the goal of providing training to help hardwood companies optimize their businesses.

Industry Services Provided by NHLA: We Help Hardwood Companies Optimize Their Business

Revenue Generation

The Inspection Services team has over 200 years of hardwood industry experience which means we have probably already been through any situation you are facing and can help. We offer instruction, support and consultation in the following areas and have a strong track record of success.

• Original Inspection
• Quality Control Evaluation & Training
• Yield Analysis & Training
• Custom In-House Training
• Certification Programs
• Sawmill Management Training

Our Team

We can train and educate your employees with an offering of technical courses in the following areas:

• Application of the Grading Rules (basic, advanced, bi-lingual and species specific)
• Lumber Drying (basic and advanced)
• Sawing, Edging and Trimming
• Log Scaling & Grading

Certification Programs

THE NHLA FACILITY GRADE CERTIFICATION raises the industry standard. Being NHLA Certified differentiates your business from the competition and assures customers that your lumber is “On Grade”. It also enhances your reputation and creates new marketing opportunities.

THE NHLA KILN DRYING CERTIFICATION program can save exporters time and money. The Program achieves the same goals as the APHIS Phytosanitary Certificate but at less cost to you.

THE NHLA STRAP AND SEAL FINANCIAL GUARANTEE A NHLA National Inspector grades a shipment of lumber, strap and seals. This program guarantees to a customer that your product is on grade and is financially backed by NHLA. If the shipment is received and the customer perceives it be “off grade” NHLA will re-inspect and pay for any difference on the shipment invoice.