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Why Hardwood is the Responsible Choice

Learn more about what makes choosing hardwoods the right thing to do for the environment. Video courtesy of our friends at

How Forests Make Our Lives Better

For all the forest gives us, we must all nurture it in exchange: working together as responsible stewards, planting and renewing after harvest and using every last part from root to branch to leaf to bark, always innovating. If we are going to keep forests as forests, we need to respect and value them. We must ensure thriving markets for wood and wood products and invest in and support vital research and conservation. Our trees are amazing. By looking after them, we look after ourselves. Video courtesy of our friends at

US Forest Carbon Stats

Different forest types provide climate mitigation benefits in different ways. As the U.S. works toward net zero, we must understand the value that different forest types bring in terms of both sequestration and storage. Video courtesy of our friends at 

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