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NHLA’s commitment to representing our members’ interest in Washington, D.C. began more than 120 years ago with the creation of the NHLA Rules. The Rules not only provide stability to developing hardwood markets, but they also demonstrate the industry’s willingness and ability to self-regulate. The implementation of the Rules through the NHLA Inspection Services is the cornerstone of NHLA’s long-term partnership with government agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture and has helped prevent unnecessary government regulations. 

Today, NHLA is proud to advocate on our members’ behalf in Washington, D.C. through its partnership and support of the Hardwood Federation (HF). HF works collaboratively with its hardwood industry members to ensure our voices are heard by the administration, legislators, and government officials. As HF’s largest contributor, NHLA donates 10% of member dues annually. Over the last 5 years, NHLA and its members have contributed more than $900,000 to support the work of the Hardwood Federation.

Write to Congress

Write to the Representatives that represent your Congressional districts HERE. 

Hardwood Federation Fly-In

Every year, NHLA joins the Hardwood Federation in Washington, D.C. for their Fly-In. It is an excellent opportunity to tell elected officials on Capitol Hill what is important to you. Learn more about this event HERE. 

Industry News & Trends

NHLA monitors and reports on all major hardwood industry news and trends. Stay up to date with us here HERE. 

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