Scholarships & Tuition

Traditional Program

12-week program is $2,625* due one month prior to class start. * tuition includes $125 of supply fees.

The school is officially approved by the Veteran's Administration to administer GI Bill benefits.


Refund Schedule

Time of Withdrawal Refund Amount
Prior to start of class Full tuition
Prior to end of 2nd week of class $1,875
Prior to end of 4th week of class $625
After 4th week of class No refund given

•Tuition refunds for students enrolled under the GI Bill will be pro-rated throughout the term.


Online/Progressive Program

Block 1: $1,305 due one week prior to class start *tuition includes $105 of supply fees.
Block 2: $1,200 due one week prior to class start 
Block 3: $800 due one week prior to class start 
Total: $3305*

*Discount of $250 if all classes paid in advance for a total of $3,055.


Refund Schedule

Time of Withdrawl: Prior to beginning each block.
Refund Amount: Full tuition for current block and all subsequent blocks.


Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Students who have paid tuition, but do not attend class, are eligible for a full refund. Students must withdraw before the start to ensure this eligibility.


Inspector Training School Educational Foundation Scholarship

In 2015, Inspector Training School Educational Foundation started a scholarship fund to assist prospective students interested in starting or furthering their career in the hardwood lumber industry. Scholarships are available to students who will be enrolling in the traditional 12-week program in Memphis, TN.

To learn more about the ITSEF Scholarship or to apply, contact NHLA at 901-399-7569.

Michigan Skilled Trade Training Fund

Reimbursement grants up to $1,500 are available for students sent by Michigan companies through the Michigan Skilled Trade Training Fund.
Please contact Alayne Hansen with Michigan Works! for grant info at 248-310-1480 /

To register please click HERE.
Have questions? Call us at 901-399-7569


All housing, travel and living expenses are the full responsibility of the student and are in addition to the tuition and supplies fees. See Student Life.


Tennessee Higher Education Commission

The NHLA Inspector Training School is authorized for operation as a post secondary education institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the program offered by NHLA Inspector Training School, please visit Tennessee Higher Education Committee and click on the Authorized Institutions Data button.

Click here to view the Transfer-ability of Credit Statement.