The NHLA Inspector Training School offers a 10-week, 12-week traditional program and an online/progressive program.

Traditional Program

The 12-week program is offered in the fall and the spring at NHLA headquarters in Memphis, Tenn. while the 10-week program is offered in the summer and is typically held off-site.

The traditional program is comprised of 408 contact hours. Contact hours are completed through a combination of lecture and lab time. Standard class hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students who successfully fulfill all program requirements will receive a certificate of completion.


Online/Progressive Program

In an attempt to further its educational outreach and accommodate the needs of all students; NHLA created the "Online/Progressive Program" which is divided into 3 blocks. Upon the successful completion of one block, a student can then proceed to the next.

• Block 1 requires two weeks of hands-on study at the NHLA Inspector Training School in Memphis, Tenn.

• Block 2 allows for up to 12 months of online study for memorization, study and testing of required material.

• Block 3 requires an additional three weeks of classroom study and board runs back at NHLA headquarters.

Students who successfully fulfill all program requirements will receive a certificate of completion.


General Admission Requirements

All applicants are strongly encouraged to sharpen mathematical skills prior to class start, as proficiency in these skills will be necessary for daily class activities.

To be considered for enrollment at the School, all applicants must supply:

• Verification of birth date (birth certificate, driver’s license or passport)

• Verification of high school graduation (official transcripts or a certified copy of a diploma)

• Verification of GED completion (official transcripts or a certified copy of the GED)

• Proof of graduation from a foreign institution comparable to a United States secondary school (translated and evaluated transcripts)

• OR Passing the Ability to Benefits Test (please inquire about this test)


International Students

The NHLA Inspector Training School welcomes international students. All international students must be fluent in English before they enroll. The School only accepts M-1 visas in accordance with its vocational status. International student applicants must meet the following requirements for admission to the School:

• Successful completion of a secondary school program that is equivalent to high school in the United States. (Official records must be translated and evaluated by an approved educational evaluator service attesting that completion is equivalent to secondary school completed in the United States.)

• Certification of financial ability to meet tuition and other necessary expenses (i.e. supplies, travel, lodging, food, etc.)

For more information call 901-399-7569 or email Becky Miller at