The Inspector Training School Educational Foundation is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2012. The Foundation is made up of NHLA Inspector Training School alumni and friends committed to privately support the continued development and growth of the ITS and its graduates.  

Since its founding, ITSEF has contributed almost $90,000 to support:

  • Inspector Training School scholarships to deserving students interested in starting or furthering a career in the hardwood lumber industry.
  • New electronic tools to enhance and expand access to modern instructional techniques and connect students with leading industry experts without leaving Memphis.  
  • Sports equipment to help students build life-long networks with their classmates.
  • A new school kitchen designed to help students control costs.
  • Student Relief Fund to ensure all students receive assistance when needed.
  • New lumber deliveries for the school
  • Land surveys as the first stage in determining the feasibility of building ITS student dorms.

While we are proud of ITSEF’s accomplishments, the Board recognizes there is always more to be done. That is why it is committed to continuing its financial support to future ITS classes to ensure worthy students can attend the Inspector Training School and assist with marketing the school outside of the hardwood industry.

Equally important is the high priority goal of expanding the school’s curriculum via the donation of funds to purchase technologically relevant equipment to fulfill the needs of our ever-evolving hardwood industry.


When you contribute to ITSEF, you can rest assured 100% of your donation will be used to support the school. ITS graduates are innovators and leaders who have in many ways defined our industry today.  Your donation will help ITSEF ensure that the next generation of NHLA trained hardwood lumber inspectors will do the same in the future.


In 2015, Inspector Training School Educational Foundation started a scholarship fund to assist prospective students interested in starting or furthering their careers in the hardwood lumber industry. Scholarships are available to students who will be enrolling in the traditional 8-week program in Memphis, TN.

To apply for the ITSEF Scholarship, click HERE.


ITSEF is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of Inspector Training School alumni and non-graduate supporters. We welcome your interest and involvement should you wish to serve on the board in the future. To make a donation please click the button above.

To contact us, please email
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