Guide to Using the NHLA ITS Alumni Gallery


  1. Enter the search conditions and press ‘Enter’. (NOTE: If your search gives no results, try entering information in only one box.)
  2. From the list of Search Results, click on the “View Photo” button in a particular row to go to that person’s class.
  3. From the Class Photo page, you may:
    • Click on the magnifying glass to view a larger version of the photo.
    • Click on the Print Photo button to load a printable version of the class photo. (You will still need to print that page from your browser as you would any other.)
    • Go back to the list of students from your last search by clicking “Back to Results”.
    • Go to the previous or next student in the list of results by clicking on the “<" and ">” buttons.
    • Start a New Search by clicking on the button.
    • If the page “times out”, you must click on the “Class Photos” icon to get back in.
    • If you need further help, please contact Jens Lodholm at
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