Partnerships That Matter

Collaboration is a key force in addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the hardwood industry. Whether lobbying for better forest management, creating new promotional opportunities, or advancing the sustainability of hardwoods, cooperation strengthens the status of the North American hardwood industry worldwide.

Here are three simple but important reasons why partnerships matter.

1. Engagement and Advocacy

Collaboration encourages participation. Whether breaking down stigmas or building awareness, advocacy is integral to advancing solutions and creating change.


2. Best Practice Sharing

No one person or organization can shepherd a solution in its entirety. But we all have something to add. Working toward a common goal, partnerships provide a unique opportunity for participating entities to share best practices as well as tangible resources.


3. Amplifying Voices

The voices representing the hardwood industry can be fostered through collective thought, amplified through collective action and ultimately heeded by policymakers and recognized by consumers.