Thanksgiving is Inflation’s Latest Victim

You’ll have to dig a little deeper in your pockets for the holidays this year. The average cost of this year’s Thanksgiving meal for ten is $64.05, up from the 2021 average of $53.31. 

The American Farm Bureau Federation has released its yearly survey on the cost of Thanksgiving and found that the price of a typical Thanksgiving meal is up 20% from last year, and it’s on track to be the most expensive Thanksgiving since they began the survey almost 40 years ago.  

Here’s how the American Farm Bureau broke down the cost: A 16-pound turkey costs 21% more per pound this year, and prices for pie crusts, canned pumpkin, potatoes, and stuffing mix have all gone up.

Inflation isn’t totally to blame, though. Turkey prices are also rising due to a decrease in availability brought on by an especially devastating avian flu outbreak.