The NHLA Sustainability Verification Certificate

NHLA has developed a Sustainability Verification Certificate, for the specific role of assisting you, the NHLA member, answer questions regarding the sustainability of North American hardwoods.  

The letter references specific information about the legality of hardwood forests, hardwood tree inventory, and growth rates in the United States and Canada. The letter is customized for each NHLA member company and contains your unique member number and expiration date. A sample of the letter can be viewed here.  

NHLA is very proud to be able to supply you with this promotional tool and encourages you to distribute the letter to your customers or anyone that has questions regarding the sustainability of North American hardwoods. The letter can also be used in conjunction with the publication Why North American Hardwoods, which was produced in 2009 by NHLA in collaboration with the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC). 

NHLA will supply interested member companies in good standing with a pdf file and two printed copies of the letter, one for official display and the other for customer reference. If your company is interested in obtaining a personalized letter please email