Professional Development

Managing a career and employees in the hardwood lumber industry has never been easy. Today, those challenges may be even greater. NHLA would like to play a role in helping the industry develop the tools necessary to meet these everyday challenges. By instilling knowledge of the integrated process to produce our products, developing management and leadership skills, or helping our professionals make an impact on capitol hill, NHLA is playing an active role to create a stronger better tomorrow for our industry.

  • Hardwoods 101
    Hardwoods 101 is a one week educational program that addresses every facet of the industry from forest management to sawmilling to a review of the hardwood marketplace. NHLA is fortunate to have experts from every stage of the integrated process of producing a finished hardwood product. A participant can expect to have a general understanding of the hardwood industry and its process to produce a finished product.
  • Leadership, Management & Development Program
    Leadership, Management, & Development is a one week program designed for middle to upper level management. The course includes the study of personality types, case studies, industry advocacy, and a host of impressive business people within and outside of the industry as guest presenters. A participant in this course can expect to have a better understanding of the workforce around them and the develop skills and resources necessary be a leader in the workplace.

For a complete list of current offerings please refer to the NHLA Calendar.