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10 Reasons to Register for the 2016 NHLA Convention & Exhibit Showcase TODAY!!!

  1. Speakers Krauthammer and Reich - You don't want to miss a joint presentation by two of the most respected intellects in polictics during this election year!
  2. Contributing to the Hardwood Forest Foundation by playing golf- Meet us for a 7am shotgun start at the East Potomac Golf Course in DC! All proceeds go to the Hardwood Forest Foundation
  3. Gaining new customers - The NHLA is the largest global gathering of the hardwood community, don't miss a chance to network with hundreds of potential new customers!
  4. Strengthening relationships with your existing customers - Conventions can be busy. But here is your chance to meet with SEVERAL exisiting customers, schedule coffee dates with your customers now!
  5. Nomination and selection of new NHLA board leadership - NHLA will elect a new president, vice president and several new board members during the DC event.
  6. Meeting the new NHLA Executive Director, Lorna Christie - Come meet NHLA's new Executive Director and learn about her plans to a better NHLA in the future.
  7. New business insight at the international market panel - Listen to AHEC Executive Director, Mike Snow and several other AHEC Directors discuss US hardwod exports and the international market.
  8. Learn how social media can help your business - Social media is everywhere! Learn how social media can help your business and how easy it is to get started!
  9. Chance to attend Pinchot Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, Chad Oliver's seminar Saving Fossil Fuel and CO2 with Wood Products, While Creating Better Forest Ecosystems and More Rural Employment
  10. Attend this year's Presidential Gala Grand Finale!!!! - Come rock the night away with one of DC's hottest bands Retrospect!


Get off the fence and register HERE!!!!

Posted by Kristina Bran at 11:26 AM
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