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Category: aphis

Funding Available For Landowners Who Lost Trees To Beetles

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee – announced the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Ohio Department of Agriculture plan to control the Asian Longhorned Beetle infestation in Clermont County. “Clermont County’s residents and business owners know the devastating effects that Asian Longhorned Beetles can have on our state’s hardwood forests and nursery industry,” said... Read More
Posted by Kristina Bran at Tuesday, April 14, 2015 | 0 comments
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Attention Exporters: Mexico Steps Up Phytosanitary Regulations

Mexico has recently stepped-up enforcement of its phytosanitary regulations, which has caused much confusion.  According to APHIS, the following interim measures have been agreed upon between the USDA APHIS and the SEMARNAT (Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources) until a Work Plan is signed. Lumber shipments travelling under SEMARNAT import permits, issued prior to July 2, 2013 will be allowed entry based on current regulations, regardless of arrival date. ... Read More
Posted by David George at Tuesday, July 30, 2013 | 3 comments
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