Miscellaneous Short Courses

In our efforts to meet the educational demands of the industry, NHLA will offer several niche courses from time to time that provide training to vital members of the industry. Whether it is saw filing, log grading & scaling, or an idea that is not listed, NHLA has the network and resources to provide training in any area where the industry has a need. To request a certain type of training in your area click here.

  • Sawing, Edging & Trimming

    The Sawing, Edging & Trimming Short Course has been developed to assist participants in identifying customer need while applying that knowledge at the mill for the lowest cost possible to their business. The course also covers resource issues, equipment, and the manufacturing thought process for sawyers, edgermen, and trimmermen. Quality control techniques will also be introduced along with waste reduction tips. A participant in this course can expect to gain a better understanding about the entire milling process, therefore, maximizing the overall yield for the products produced.

  • Saw Filing

    The Saw Filing Short Course is a course designed for the understanding and execution of the saw filing process. The course will discuss proper cutting and operation of all saws in the mill.  The participant can expect to have knowledge to sharpen, set, swage, file, grind, hammer, tension, and repair saws.  The course will address maintenance of saw guides and band wheels.

  • Log Scaling & Log Grading

    The Log Scaling & Log Grading short course is designed to present a working knowledge of the U.S. Forest Service Grading System and its relationship to lumber grades and product utilization. Emphasis is placed on Log Scaled Comparisons, Projected Lumber Yield, and Species Identification. Logs will then be grade-sawn for direct comparison with projected yields. A participant can expect to be able to identify commercial species by grade and be able to calculate the value of hardwood logs.

For a complete list of current offerings please refer to the NHLA Calendar.