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PDF and EPS (For print use): A collection of NHLA logos in .pdf and .eps format for use on documents printed with a desktop postscript printer or commercial offset printer. Can be placed into all popular page layout and word processing programs. Logos are scalable without losing sharpness. Coated logos are for use on coated paper with some type of gloss or sheen that will not be written on. Uncoated logos are to use on uncoated paper with no sheen or gloss that can be written on. To open .eps files, you will need either Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or other similar program.

Download the compressed NHLA PDF file.

Download the compressed NHLA EPS file.

JPEG (For web use): A collection of NHLA logos in .jpg format for website use. Logos are offered in horizontal and vertical orientation to retain optimum detail. Logos cannot be enlarged without loss of sharpness/resolution.

Download the compressed NHLA JPG file.

If you have any further questions please contact Renee Hornsby at r.hornsby@nhla.com or 901-399-7560.

Download the NHLA Style Guidelines

Download the NHLA Logo Sheet