Information for Employers

The NHLA Inspector Training School maintains a long standing relationship with employers in the hardwood lumber industry. This relationship dates back to the founding of the school in 1948.

The creation, advancement and future of the NHLA Inspector Training School has been and will be driven by the industry's support and interest in obtaining quality lumber inspectors.

It is the mission of this institution to meet those demands by providing the knowledge and resources necessary to potential employees while on campus and in the workplace.

Sponsor A Student

If you are a business owner or manager in the hardwood industry, it's to your advantage to have employees who are better educated and more highly trained. This is the main reason so many companies pay for continuing education for their employees and is especially true of the hardwood industry. In the last 10 years, more than 83% of the total graduates of the Inspector Training School were sponsored by an industry employer.

The value of education is undeniable. Specifically for the hardwood industry:

  • Lumber Inspectors determine the grade and value of your product. An NHLA trained inspector is invaluable and something your company cannot afford to be without. Even a minor mistake can cost the company thousands in just a short period of time.

Overall, continuing education for employees has long term benefits:

  • Involvement in education encourages employee growth and introduces the potential for improved productivity.
  • Supporting continuing education can help attract quality employees.
  • It also keeps top talent on board for a prolonged period.

Please consider sponsoring an employee for your company to attend the Inspector Training School or hiring an NHLA graduate.