Industry Partners

NHLA is very fortunate to have several partners within the industry to collaborate with in our educational efforts. Whether it is institutions of higher learning, educational non-profits, or political advocacy groups, NHLA is proud to be a part of a wonderful team that has a vested interest in making this industry work.

University Extension Programs

NHLA is fortunate to have a great relationship with several wood science extension programs throughout the world. Both sharing the common mission of serving the hardwood industry, the partnership has been both strong and successful. NHLA wishes to recognize the programs that provide services to the industry through research, education, and development.

The University of Kentucky Forestry Extension -

Virginia Tech University Department of Wood Science & Forest Products -

The University of Tennessee Forest Products Center -

USDA Forest Products Lab -

The University of Wisconsin Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology -

Northcentral Technical College -

West Virginia Wood Technology Center -