Facility Grade Certification Program

As the hardwood industry searches for new markets, the NHLA Facility Grade Certification Program is a vital component of attracting new customers. This quality assurance program (QAP) is designed to help differentiate your business from the competition and assure customers that your lumber is on grade. Companies that participate in the NHLA QAP are illustrating to customers and potential customers, their willingness to openly submit to independent quality checks. Each participating member of the program pays an annual enrollment fee which covers all costs of the certification visits. A minimum of two facility grade inspections are conducted annually and coordinated with the NHLA Chief Inspector. As a member of the Facility Grade Certification Program your company is listed as a participating member on the NHLA website, printed buyer’s guide and has use of the “NHLA Certified” logo in all promotional materials.

The NHLA Facility Grade Certification Program is available to NHLA members only. Cost for subscribing to the program is $1200 annually. For more information, please review the NHLA Facility Grade Certification Program Regulations or contact the NHLA Chief Inspector.

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