The Inspector Training School offers a 10-week, 12-week and Progressive program formats.

The 12-week program is offered in the fall and the spring at NHLA headquarters in Memphis, Tenn. while the 10-week program is offered in the summer and is typically held off-site. In an attempt to further its educational outreach and accommodate the needs of all students; NHLA created the "Progressive Program" which is divided into 3 blocks. Upon the successful completion of one block, a student can then proceed to the next.

  • Block 1 requires two weeks of hands-on study at the NHLA Inspector Training School in Memphis, Tenn.
  • Block 2 allows for up to 12 months of online study for memorization and study of required material.
  • Block 3 requires an additional three weeks of classroom study and board runs back at NHLA headquarters


Tuition for the 12-week program is $2,500 and supplies are an additional $125. The school is officially approved by the Veteran’s Administration to administer GI Bill benefits. For complete information about fees and refunds, see the Inspector Training School Catalog.

Tennessee Higher Education Commission

NHLA Inspector Training School is authorized for operation as a post secondary education institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the program offered by NHLA Inspector Training School, please visit

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