Alumni Connection

With more than 7,100 graduates, the NHLA Inspector Training School boasts the most passionate and loyal alumni alive today. Our graduates represent 32 countries around the world from very different social, economic and racial backgrounds. These men and women were brought together by an interest to better themselves and their company, but, in addition, they exited with a fraternal bond that can only be explained through experience.

The amount of respect and credibility given to an NHLA graduate is both humbling and rewarding for the NHLA staff. It is through their hard work and dedication that the NHLA Inspector Training School has built its good name. Furthermore, NHLA is very proud of all of our alumni and considers each and every one of them to be part of the NHLA family.

As a NHLA Inspector Training School graduate, you automatically have career and social connections, should you choose to participate.

Career Assistance

Through the NHLA online job board, graduates of the School can view jobs and post resumes at no charge. Resumes will go through a review and approval process before they are posted on the NHLA job board.

For more information about posting a resume please contact the Renee Hornsby, Director of Communication at 901-399-7560 or

Social Connections

Every year the Inspector Training School organizes the Annual Inspector Training School Alumni Reception held in conjunction with the NHLA Annual Convention.

In 2013, the convention will be held October 2-4 at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. All alumni are invited to the reception at a date and time to be determined. For more information visit or contact the Inspector Training School at 901-399-7555.