Our Mission

NHLA's Mission is to serve NHLA Members engaged in the commerce of North American hardwood lumber by: maintaining order, structure and ethics in the changing global hardwood marketplace; providing unique member services; promoting North American hardwood lumber and advocating the interest of the hardwood community in public/private policy issues; and providing a platform for networking opportunities. 

Constitution and Bylaws of NHLA

The constitution and bylaws of NHLA can be viewed and downloaded here as a pdf.

In February 2014, the NHLA Board of Managers adopted the Vision "To be the Global Standard for Hardwood Trade and Commerce." 

NHLA Board of Manager Committee Reports

The NHLA Board of Managers meets twice a year, spring and fall. The most recent board of managers meeting was held in November 17-19, 2015 in Memphis, Tennessee. The next board of managers meeting will be held in April 18-20, 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina. There are 9 standing committees, choose from the list to review the minutes from the most recent meeting: Communications and Marketing, Continuing Education, Convention, Finance, Hardwood Advocacy, Inspection Services, Inspector Training School, Membership and Rules.

Our Roles

More than a century after origination, the NHLA standards and rules that were once developed to ease regional trade, are now employed worldwide for the same reason. While the NHLA past is rich in history and tradition, the present NHLA is a modern trade association providing its members the means to succeed in a competitive global economy now and in the future. But it doesn’t stop there.


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